The Communications arm of the firm focuses on reputation and stakeholder management both internally and externally, with a focus on human capital development.

The thought precedes the word precedes the deed”. This means getting to the root cause of any communication and information set. Proper information is power, and at House of major we thrive on managing the full spectrum of information and communication that is required to make our clients successful.” – Mwenesi Musalia.

Public Relations

  • Stakeholder reputation management
  • Risk assessment and scenario planning
  • Litigation public relations
  • Crisis management

Our public relations services cut across disciplines and industries. Some of our areas of expertise include;

  • Event planning co-ordination
  • Media preparedness
  • Image consultancy
  • Political public relations
  • Brand and culture development


  • Corporations and multinationals
  • Security companies
  • Hospitality sector institutions

House of Major has been instrumental in human capacity development initiatives for majority of its clients. In conjunction with the Etiquette and Protocol Institute of East Africa, House of Major facilitates seminars and trainings for the following;

  • Local and national government institutions
  • Professional organisations and associations
  • NGOs
  • Individual Professional Coaching