Who we are

House of Major (HoM) is a Strategy and Communications firm based in Nairobi, Kenya. Registered in 2014, HoM is a professional, youth-owned firm with a core competency of doing business in East Africa.

Our Vision

To uplift Africa's socio-economic status through economic sustainability.

Our Mission

To develop and strengthen our economic foundations for a sustainable compounded positive impact to all

Our Values

Integrity - We focus on long-term relationships that are moulded on trust and commitment to our word

Professionalism - We have an unyielding work ethic that is at the core of our pledge to the quality of our relationships and deliverables

Perseverance - Our relentlessness is crucial in realising our vision

Humility - In all we do, we ensure we have utmost humility as it not only keeps us grounded and focused, but enables to truly be passionate in our pursuit of our vision & mission

Excellence - Our initiatives all have a belly of professionalism in maximising stakeholders and shareholders return. This is centred in achieving strategy alignment in Value, Profit & People propositions

core team members

The firm's Directors are supported by a highly capable network of professionals.

Adan Ali


Mwenesi Musalia